For far too long, the yearbook industry has been dominated by a few giant corporate conglomerates who every year charge more and deliver less. Well, that's about to change!

Student Services Company has a proven 40 year track record of providing schools with the best prices, finest quality and greatest personal service, and we are now bringing our unwavering commitment to delivering value and integrity to the yearbook industry with SSC Yearbooks.

We have created a yearbook program that places its focus back where it belongs…On you! Our custom-tailored approach delivers not only a better product at a better price, but also provides your staff the ultimate publishing experience.

  • Faster turnaround times. Delivery as fast as two weeks! Compare this to your current publisher's production schedule.
  • No Late Fees. No Hidden Costs. Never again worry about running your yearbook in the red.
  • Full Selection of yearbook programs tailored to your staff’s specific needs.
  • Expertise at every level. From photography and design to to printing and publishing, we're with you every step of the way.
  • Brilliant full color yearbooks for substantially less than your students are currently paying.

To learn more about how SSC Yearbooks delivers innovative yearbook concepts at substantial savings please explore our site and contact us today!